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Check out our great deals on many different automatic knives. Here, we have collected, some of the greatest names in the industry. For example, look through our great Pro-Tech automatic knives and see some of the highest quality that exists. Many consider Pro-Tech to be the standard bearer in automatic knives. We also showcase many different Boker automatic knives. Our Kalashnikov line features some of the best Boker knives available. We also have many other brands; including such leaders as Benchmade, Microtech, Spyderco, and Smith & Wesson. These automatics can be added to your growing collection of fine quality knives, used for everyday carry, or used to start a brand new collection. Find your personal favorite and buy one today!
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Bear OPS AC-551-B4-B Bold Action V Tanto Auto Knife, Black Blade Bear OPS AC-551-B4-B Bold Action V Tanto Auto Knife, Black Blade
List Price: $169.99
Our Price: $104.95
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Gerber 30-001394 Mini Covert Auto Knife, CPM-S30V Black Blade Gerber 30-001394 Mini Covert Auto Knife, CPM-S30V Black Blade
List Price: $170.00
Our Price: $114.95
In Stock
Automatic knives come in a huge variety of different styles, shapes, colors, and materials.  We have an extremely large selection of some of the very best brands of auto knives in the world available here on our website.  The following is a quick primer to review different companies and styles of automatic knives.

There are a wide selection of different blade styles available.    
A Clip blade is a blade that has a concave curve shape on the non cutting side of the blade (the spine of the blade where it goes to meet the point).  Sometimes Clip blades with along and gentle concave curve are referred to as a "California" clip and a blade with an extremely elongated concave curve is a "Turkish" clip.  Clip blades are great for detail work but lack some of the strength a thicker blade has.  
A Modifided Clip blade is a newer design that is very popular on high end one handed opening auto knives.  The shape on these vary widely from company to company but some are just a slanted line down to the tip of the blade (no concave curve to the spine at all.  
A Drop Point blade has a very gentle convex curve that goes out to the tip of the blade.  This creates a thicker point on your knife blade and gives you better strength for heavy jobs.  A drop point blade doesn't penetrate as well as a clip point blade.  
A Tanto blade is a traditionally Japanese shape of blade that goes all the way back to fuedal Japan.  The blade actually angles from the edge to the tip of the blade and gives you a much heavier and stronger blade.  A tanto blade is best for piercing, prying and scraping.  Just remember, you can break the tip off of any knife--and manufacturer's generally don't warranty a broken
A Wharncliffe blade is almost like a drop point blade in reverse.  The cutting edge of the blade is straight across.  The spine of the blade curves in a gentle concave shape from the tip all the way back to the handle.

Automatic knives open in a wide variety of ways.  Here at BladeOps.com, we classify all of our automatic knives that open from the side under the automatic knife section along the top of our website.  If an automatic knife opens by having the blade come out of the front of the handle, we classify that knife as an out the front knife.  Both styles of knives are, or can be, automatic.  That is just the way we split them up into two different categories.
There are two main ways that side open automatic knives can be built to open.  The most simple way and the most common is with a button.  Many of the very best automatic knives open with a button set on the front scale of the handle.  When you push this button, the blade comes out into the open position.  To close these knives, generally you push the same button and then manually reset the blade back into the closed position.  The trigger button acts as the impetus to open the blade and it often locks it into the open position.  
The next style of automatic knives are dual action knives.  Dual action and double action often get confused.  A dual action knife is a knife that has more than one method to deploy the blade.  For instance, the blade can be opened manually.  You can pull the blade out of the closed position and lock it into the open position by hand.  Or, you can trigger a button that opens the blade automatically.  A recent example of this is ProTech's Defiance series of automatic knives.  A double action automatic knife, on the other hand, is one that opens and closes with a slide.  A great example of this is almost any one of Microtech's out the front knives.  For instance, the Combat Troodon, by Microtech, opens when you push the slide that is on the side of the handle towards the tip of the handle.  Once the knife is open, you can then close it by pushing the same slide back towards the base of the handle.  This is a double action automatic knife.