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Just when you thought the horde out in the street was a pack of slow, shambling zombies – turns out they’re more than ready to outpace you on the hundred-meter dash. Are you prepared for the worst? Is your Zombie Apocalypse Kit packed and ready to go? Remember, you can only run so far and, since the undead don’t actually use their lungs, it’s a safe bet you’ll slow down first. When it’s time to make a stand, make sure you have everything you need.

A full arsenal of firearms is, of course, a must-have, but they can only last so long. There’s a saying among zombie survivors, though: knives never run out of bullets. When you hear the dreadful “click, click, click” of an empty magazine, there’s nothing quite like the assurance of a solid steel blade in your hands.

Of course, it’s not all about shooting, stabbing, and running. At some point you will actually have to hunker down, barricade yourself in, and have a nice rest. So be sure you have plenty of food, matches, and other supplies to keep yourself warm, fed, and healthy. Tomorrow is a whole new day, and you’ll have a much better chances of seeing the one after that when your survival pack is fully stocked.

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